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Regularly testing your ecommerce website’s performance will ensure it’s running at an optimal level. There are plenty of free resources available to help.

Here is a list of free tools to test your website. There are equipment to measure download speed, monitor user experience, check accessibility, locate broken links, evaluate search engine and browser compatibility, and check mobile friendliness. All of these tools have free plans, and most offer premium options.

Free Tests for Your Site

W3C Markup Validation Service , from World Wide Web Consortium, checks the markup of web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, plus MathML, among others. This resource offers tools to validate specific content, such as RSS feeds and CSS, check a website’s level of international friendliness, or find broken links.

Screenshot of W3C Markup Validation Service website.

W3C Markup Validation Support

Google PageSpeed Insights reports on the performance of a page on cellular and desktop devices and suggests how to improve, providing both lab and field data. Lab data helps debug performance issues, but it may not capture real-world bottlenecks. Field data is useful with regard to capturing real-life user experience but has a limited set of metrics.

Pingdom Website Speed Test analyzes the load speed of a website plus identifies why a page is fast, slow, too big, and so on. See how your site conforms to overall performance recommendations from Google. Pingdom offers a premium service regarding web velocity monitoring.

Dotcom-Monitor lets you test your website rate in real browsers for free from up to three worldwide locations. Users may select which internet browser they’d like to run. The test supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and mobile browsers on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Free for up to 250 tests per month from five concurrent locations.

Screenshot from Dotcom Monitor home page.


Yellow Lab Equipment will be a free and open-source online test to help speed up heavy web pages. Check performance best practices. Detect problems with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, fonts, and more. Provides precise information to fix the detected problems.

Web Page Analyzer is a free internet speed check with advice on improvement. Enter an URL to calculate page size, composition, plus download time. The script computes the size of individual elements and sums up each type.

SERP Racer lets you compare scores across key search queries in your own niche in order to understand better the impact of page speed on your business. Get into Google search terms, and run a search to compare site speeds.

Screenshot of SERP Racer home page.

SERP Speed

KeyCDN Website Velocity Test is really a full-page speed test from 10 locations globally. The results show the requests, content dimension, and load time. In addition, the waterfall details each asset’s timings plus HTTP headers.

Dead Link Checker crawls a website, identifying damaged links to correct. Target an entire website or a single web page. Create an account to check multiple sites or schedule an auto-check.

Ahrefs offers free tools to check the particular search-engine-optimization health of your website. Run a web site audit to uncover your website’s technical and on-page issues. Use the Webmaster Tools feature in order to monitor your overall SEO setup, browse backlink data, plus compare your site to competitors in SERPs.

Screenshot of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools home page.

Ahrefs Webmaster Equipment

Seorch offers a free check that inspections the essential components of SEO, including whether your website meets Google’s quality guidelines. The SEO Examine will analyze your site and show errors that prevent a good ranking. Verify each WEB ADDRESS any number of times.

Inspectlet is an user -testing platform to watch individual visitor behavior on your own site along with session recording. It includes dynamic heatmaps, A/B testing, form metrics, plus error logging. Free intended for one website and up to 2, 500 sessions per month.

Nibbler is usually a totally free tool to get testing websites. Enter the particular address associated with any web site, and Nibbler generates a report scoring the site for important areas, including accessibility , SEO, social media, and technology. Nibbler is totally free but limited to three reviews.

Screenshot of Nibbler home page.


GTmetrix provides insights on how well your internet site loads plus recommendations upon how you can optimize it. GTmetrix can test your pages daily, weekly, or monthly. Set conditions based on page acceleration and size. Receive email alerts upon performance. Analyze the loading of your site from seven global areas.

Uptrends Website Speed Check gives a snapshot of exactly how your desktop computer or cellular users encounter your web site. Test in the browser of the choice. Check your Search engines PageSpeed Information score, recommended improvements, important page metrics, and page-load progression waterfall report. View important launching events with Google’s Core Web Vitals or W3C navigation timing metrics.

HubSpot Website Grader evaluates website efficiency, including page size, web page requests, page speed, and more. It also analyzes responsive design, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, and security.

Screenshot of HubSpot Grader home page.

HubSpot Website Grader

After the Deadline checks your text plus issues feedback on your own writing. Copy and paste your text for contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, and intelligent grammar checking.

UsabilityHub is definitely a remote-user research platform to check your design with actual people. Assess the effectiveness of your site’s navigation and content material by measuring how users complete tasks using your designs. Free plan with upward to three collaborators plus tests within up in order to 2 minutes.

Five Second Tests , through UsabilityHub, evaluate your blog by measuring visitors’ recall and first impressions. Totally free plan along with as much as 3 collaborators plus tests pertaining to up to 2 moments.

UsabilityHub - Five Second Tests website.

UsabilityHub – Five Second Tests

Juicy Studio Readability Test analyzes the ease of reading degree of your textual content. The algorithms provide only a rough guide but can indicate whether you’ve written articles at the right level meant for the intended audience.

Browsershots will certainly test your own website’s internet browser compatibility, producing screenshots associated with your web design in different operating systems and browsers.

LambdaTest performs live, interactive cross-browser testing of the public or locally-hosted websites plus web apps across 3, 000 browsers, devices, and systems. Debug in real-time with integrated tools on both desktop and mobile browsers. Free of charge plan designed for one test and up to 60 mins a month of current browser screening.

Screenshot of LambdaTest home page.


ClickHeat offers a heatmap of clicks on an HTML web page, showing hot and cold click zones. ClickHeat can be free plus open source.

Xenu’s Hyperlink Sleuth checks web sites for broken links   upon images, frames, plugins, backgrounds, local image maps, stylesheets, scripts, and Java applets.

UptimeRobot is an online monitoring application to know when your website is down. The free of charge plan offers 50 monitors for 5-minute checks.

Screenshot of UptimeRobot home page.


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