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So you’ve got your concept, you know what you want the brand image to say, maybe you already have a set of loose styles worked out: saffron and burgundy with a curling serif font or a bold paprika-red with sans-serif type. Now it’s time to make ideas into identity. The best logo style software gives you the particular digital tools you need to hone in on branding that will stand away in the marketplace, whether you’re the new business owner looking to save money along with a DIY logo job or a digital creator adding logo design to your skill set.

Top logo design software has the tools you’ll need to adjust all aspects of the logo, regardless of whether it’s a simple wordmark, an unique hand-illustrated icon, an abstract symbol, or some combination of elements. Most software will allow you to subtly work type, adjusting the curl in a “Q, ” or play with how a capital “Y” intersects with a horizontal iconographic stroke. In the best software program you’ll then be able to detail the color palette, apply the logo to different design assets, plus ready your files for print, web, and beyond. Most software for logos uses a vector format that can expand and contract in size without losing quality, but some will help you to bring raster art into the equation as well, incorporating photos and digitally painted illustrations into the particular mix.  

There are a lot of elements that go into good logo style software and, because of this, some design platforms are easier to master than others. Some software program will cost you hundreds of dollars in subscription fees and require months associated with practice, yet will justify that investment by providing the tools in order to create truly unique designs. Others are made with regard to the beginner and provide simple tools regarding creating trademarks. Some even use algorithms and artificial intelligence to help you—delivering a computer-generated design that’s easily customized to fit the aesthetic of your business. If you’re looking for the good logo design, the best logo design software is out there for you, whatever your skill level.

How we chose the best logo design software

There are a lot of different logo design software packages out presently there and which one is the best for a person will largely depend on your own goals, your skill level, plus your commitment to learning necessary equipment. It was important to me to include programs representing the diverse array of ability levels on this list. As a trained designer, illustrator, and artist, I featured my favorite logo design tools here. I also went through plus tested multiple software packages that I know by reputation, comparing and contrasting their various benefits. I ranked my choices based on a few criteria:

Ease of use is one of the first qualities anyone looks for when they’re considering adopting a new software package. Generally, the most powerful creative logo suites are also the hardest to learn, yet easier suites can still deliver suitable toolsets. This list covers a few of the easiest beginner-friendly suites as well because some of the more rigorous style industry standards.

Scalability is very important within logo designs. Most logo software uses a vector format. Vector art utilizes a file type that can expand or even contract in size without losing fine detail. Raster formats, on the particular other hand, create images in maps of pixels that can only be expanded so much before they lose quality plus become obviously pixelated. Vector art is superior in order to pixel art in situations where a design needs to be scaled up or down to easily print upon a business card, or the side of a building, and works a bit like the digital stencil. While vector tools are most important intended for logo design, several of the best creative logo software also contains raster tools.  

Compatibility with other design software program can be a major bonus. The Adobe Suite is famous for its compatibility from one software to another within the particular Adobe family. I highlighted how different software suites are compatible with other families of software wherever it has been applicable. We also outlined what common platforms each software suite works on, be they Windows, macOS, iPad, etc.

Detail may make a difference. Some of the software upon this listing offer easy design tools that are usually easy to grasp for beginners. Others allow you to descend deep in to the grit of it all. The particular most effective logo design software provides you absolute control associated with the details, actually if studying the equipment required to harness that power takes period.  

Things to consider prior to buying the very best logo style software

Before you commit to a software package there are a few things to consider.


Many of the more expensive software to get logo design offer free trials. It’s often a good idea to take advantage associated with these just before you buy, as they can help you get a feel for whether or not the software meets your needs.

Student deals

If you’re already thinking about going back to school to brush up on some style skills, consider whether this will become worth waiting to buy your logo design software program. More expensive packages will often give substantial student discounts. This can amount in order to real financial savings which will offset the cost of your education, as well as your own software.

Learning support

Much of the best logo design application is used widely. When you’re trying and failing to achieve something in the software it’s useful to look for community guides. Many questions you might have about logo style software are easily answered on community forums or within YouTube videos.

Budget options

There are usually lots of great cheap or totally free software pertaining to logo design. While it might seem like a person have to spend lots of money to get the particular pro-level design tools, great things are frequently achieved on the budget or even free software program. If you are on a budget don’t feel compelled to spend a lot more than you need to.

The very best logo style software: Reviews & Recommendations

Best overall: Adobe Illustrator

Why it made the cut: Whether you’re detailing the curves of an ampersand, drafting a custom favicon for a client’s website, or applying colors from a design stylebook in order to logo variations across the website, Adobe Illustrator has all the particular tools you need meant for professional-grade function.  


  • Vector / Raster: Vector
  • System: macOS, PC, Linux, iPad, more
  • Price Structure: Monthly subscription


  • Industry-leading tools designed for everything from drawing to 3D fonts
  • Streamlined workflow segues along with other Adobe apps, including Indesign plus Photoshop
  • Lots of support and community content


  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive membership

Yeah, the understanding curve may make you feel like you’ve gone back to high college, but when you learn Adobe Illustrator the results are indisputably professional. With industry-leading tools for all parts of the design process, Illustrator offers everything a person need just for path editing, drawing, coloring, and creating 2D plus 3D shapes. Use the particular detailed shape editor equipment for creating icons, color them with custom swatches you have picked out there using Adobe Color , brand that will image with the customized type you tweaked in Illustrator, use a gradient to your type, after that carry almost all those assets with a person as you finish the faux-gold digital mockup in Photoshop and take it in order to print within real gold with InDesign. It will certainly also work on the apple ipad Pro with your Apple Pencil . It is a lot of energy and it’s all yours with Illustrator and the Adobe Creative Cloud .

Illustrator offers an incredible amount associated with power but it’s furthermore not a thing most people can afford to keep around to casually perform with. The program has a notoriously steep learning contour (though once you get it, you get it); it is also costly. The Adobe Suite seems to just keep going up in price. The multi-software plan is now quite heftily priced: one month of Adobe Collection is equivalent to the total cost associated with buying Affinity Designer (for good). That’s why it’s a good idea to end up being sure you want to invest the time and money directly into learning Adobe Illustrator before you purchase. Luckily, a person can obtain a free trial upon the website. Still, if you’re serious about professional-grade logos with the particular illustration plus type in order to support all of them, Illustrator (and maybe the whole Adobe Suite) is likely a justifiable business price.  

Best for beginners: Canva

Why it made the cut: Canva’s scaling price model and layers of tools make it both a newb-friendly logo editor for basic designs and a pro-grade powerhouse.  


  • Vector / Raster: Raster, vector. svg along with pro subscription
  • Program: Web-based service
  • Price Structure: Free and paid plans


  • Easy to use for newbies
  • Powerful enough for pros
  • Easy discrete design equipment for lots of various applications


  • Requires the paid membership for many services including vector bounces
  • Less agile for certain crossover tasks

Canva will be ready with regard to the internet … and produced of this. This browser-based design collection has all the tools most people will need regarding design, whether they’re using one of its built-in templates intended for a web page, putting together menus, or designing a logo. Its basic free features make it a great starting place and its affordable pro functions make it a great place to grow as a designer.

The logo designer is usually beginner ready. It starts you off with a few simple prompts, gives you a number of customizable layouts to choose from, plus from there it is simple to drag and drop in a wide range associated with icons, customize colors, and edit your own fonts. The particular font book includes a number of familiar favorites through Google Fonts , including the much-loved Alegraya family. A wider typeface selection is definitely unlocked having a pro subscription. After your icon plus fonts are usually locked straight into place (and maybe animated), it’s easy to bounce out your file as a low-resolution picture. Canva provides newly unlocked. svg vector formats too, but this is only available with a pro subscription.

Canva logo design software example
An example of a Canva logo . Gabriel Morgan

Canva can be a wonderful place to start and a solid place in order to grow. It doesn’t have since much room for the pro developer as premium options like the Adobe Suite, yet design magic is worked in Canva all the particular time. With its affordable pricing for the pro membership, easy web-based format, plus free tools, Canva is certainly an excellent option that shines especially brightly to get those just starting out.  

Best pertaining to 3D trademarks: Affinity Designer

Why this made the cut: For an one-time price, Appreciation designer offers a powerful workstation for logo designers, that will harnesses industry-leading vector publisher tools within tandem with raster support and 3D.


  • Vector / Raster: Vector and raster
  • System: macOS, Windows, ipad tablet
  • Cost Structure: One-time fee


  • Powerful vector tools meant for icons plus fonts
  • Raster elements can be incorporated within the app
  • Solid 3D design elements
  • One time price
  • Works well with Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher


  • Not as deep or even feature-rich because Adobe package

Released in 2014, the Appreciation suite is a relative newcomer to the design software program industry that aims squarely at taking on the Adobe monopoly. With lots of great equipment and features that Adobe users may intuitively recognize, Affinity Developer isn’t a hard switch designed for Adobe users that have grown tired of Innovative Cloud’s ever-swelling fees and costs. Much like Illustrator, Affinity gives you control over figure and outlines, enabling you to very easily edit text, design the particular wordmark that will your brand will be known for, or create vector-based illustrations to add in order to your webpage. Where the package pushes the envelope will be in the simple mixture of vector plus raster control, allowing a person to quickly ornament your own vector artwork with raster brushes, sleek digital painting, and pixel effects.

Because of its powerful set of tools, Affinity Designer is a great choice for any logo designer who’s searching to add unique hand-drawn elements, THREE DIMENSIONAL letters, or even complex designs to their own project’s stylebook. Compatible with iPad, it makes it simple to hands draw the shape along with your Apple Pencil, then port this to your computer just for more precise detailing.  

For a very moderate price, Appreciation designer is usually probably the particular best value software package out there for the designer. It’s certainly not the cheapest, but its combination associated with decent ease of use, powerful tools that may compete with Adobe, and native raster assistance make it a supremely good expense. For the particular price of 1 month of Adobe CC, you’ll possess the toolset contained in Affinity Designer forever. While it’s definitely not since cheap as a service like Tailor Brands , its vastly more powerful toolset makes it an undeniably great deal.  

Best for icons: Procreate

Why this made the cut: Famously great for digital painting, Procreate might not export vector art for logos but it is still a good excellent spot to compose with regard to iPad owners, even in case you’ll require another app to finish your own creations because vectors.


  • Vector / Raster: Raster
  • System: apple ipad
  • Price Structure: One-time fee


  • Impeccable and intuitive tools regarding digital artwork and drawing
  • Decent font support
  • Very affordable one time price (for iPad owners)
  • Huge community with plenty of user-created content


  • No vector editors or. svg foreign trade
  • Doesn’t enjoy the greatest with cross-platform workflow intended for iPad utilizes with a Windows comp

Procreate isn’t explicitly for logo design as well as glaring lack of vector exports might create some balk at its inclusion on this checklist. But with its exceptional digital sketching tools and intuitive clean control that will resonate with any kind of designer who grew up using a pen and sketchpad, I stump for Procreate’s inclusion here—as a superpowered sketchbook composition space to get any developer that works on ipad tablet.  

Procreate is made pertaining to iPad . With an Apple company Pencil , Procreate provides brush manage that’s smooth as whipped butter. Its layer controls are user-friendly as well as its selection, manipulation, transform, and transparency tools simply work. Easily set a grid in 3-point perspective, draw the shape inside it, tool it, nudge it, select your form and airbrush it, paint into it, after that export it out. Regardless of whether you’re drawing shapes that will become finished within a vector editor, or simply sketching ideas, Procreate is among the best software programs for any visual inventor.

While Procreate won’t complete your styles in. svg or provide you the particular precise curve controls you will get in a premium editor, these issues are mended when you bring another application in to the fold. One of the easiest workflows out there meant for vectorizing your Procreate designs is the (independently worthy) free Vectornator app. Simply export your own designs from Procreate since. jpg plus use the auto-trace feature within Vectornator. Once the system has turned your style into the vector, make use of Vectornator’s toolbox to tweak your vector art. If you’ll end up being working between PC or even Mac and your iPad, then open-source Inkscape’s auto-trace feature offers another similarly simple way to bring your Procreate drawings into the particular vector space.  

All in just about all, Procreate is definitely an excellent, intuitive sketching tool designed for the logo designer working on iPad, even if it doesn’t natively operate in vectors. It won’t take you all the way the same way that Affinity Designer will but—with its very price tag and a workflow that plays well along with a number of free of charge vector publisher apps—it can still get you right now there … and you might also create some thing extra special along the way.

Best free: Squarespace Logo Maker

The reason why it made the reduce: Famous for the clean, easy-to-build websites, Squarespace’s simple logo builder can be free to use, and creates nice trademarks with zero financial investment decision.  


  • Vector or Raster: Raster
  • System: Web-based support
  • Cost Structure: Totally free


  • Free of charge service
  • Nice looking results
  • Supremely easy to use


  • Lacks that unique factor
  • Uses icons through Noun Project which has its own legal terms

Websites: They always look best with a kicking logo. Like a company that is made its considerable status by delivering all-in-one website design tools, Squarespace knows that will well. Presumably, that’s why they invested in offering the Squarespace Logo Maker to the particular public totally free of charge … aesthetics sell.  

The Squarespace Logo Maker is a super easy-to-use, free of charge web-based logo design maker that builds a person a simple logo in your internet browser. Type in your own brand’s name, fill out a few details, then quickly cycle through a massive library of symbols. Once you select an icon (or choose not to), make use of the built/in type device to play together with your logo’s text. Whilst the kind tool just allows a person to cycle through the few pretty standard fonts that will be acquainted to any Squarespace user, the icon collection takes advantage of the particular Noun Project’s vast trove of icons to give you some room to play.  

Squarespace logo design software example
An example of a Squarespace logo … Gabriel Morgan

The logo service is liberated to use after you sign upward for an account, and supplies you using a decently high-definition. png file, which may be vectorized in another free services like Inkscape (an amazingly powerful free vector editor that’s also worth the look). However , the icons are supplied by Noun Task and come with a bit associated with licensing gray area just for certain uses. Noun Project’s website does offer great rates on symbols, so when you plan to make millions off your free Squarespace logo this could be worth your own time to pay Noun Project the few dollars these people ask for full professional rights. Almost all in most, this support is super easy to use and totally free, making it a great choice with regard to a beginner, what this lacks is certainly that wow factor that gives your brand name extra cred.  


Q: Which software is best regarding creative logo?

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard intended for logo design and is the very best overall software program for creative logo. However, there are other great choices that are often simpler to use and better priced to get non-professional designers.

Queen: Which free of charge application is best for logo design?

Squarespace Logo design Maker is a super easy-to-use free assistance for creative logo. For a simple logo design made for a good online company, it does the great work that’s easy enough for any beginner. Canva also provides an excellent free service, though its more advanced features will cost you.

Q: Is Photoshop good for logo design?

Photoshop is a powerful design platform that can certainly make good logos. However, Photoshop works in raster art rather than vector art. It won’t save images as scalable vector files.

Q: Is the Wix logo maker free?

Wix’s services allow you to make a logo for free; however , downloads will cost money. More advanced features will generally cost you still a lot more.

Q: What software do most graphic designers use?

The Adobe suite is still the industry standard with regard to graphic style. Most designers are taught on Illustrator and Photoshop in school and it remains the most comprehensive tool book for design.

Queen: Is Adobe Illustrator great for logo design?

Illustrator slaps regarding logo style; its tool set will be very great for logo-based graphic design. This remains the standard.

Q: Which is better intended for logo design, Photoshop or Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is better to get creative logo. Illustrator allows you to work with vectors that scale easily for lots of different applications. Photoshop is still a powerful tool pertaining to logo design, but its raster-based system isn’t as helpful for a logo designer.

Final thoughts on the best creative logo software program

The best logo design software comes with the toolset you’ll need to build a brand identity that people recognize and respect. A great logo sets the tone of your business. You might choose a wordmark, like the timeless Coca-Cola logo, or even you might choose an icon aiming to emulate something like the ever-recognizable Twitter symbol. Either way, creative logo software will help you get there. If you’re after the free service that will make the particular job easy, take a tour of the Squarespace Logo Maker, you’ll have a simple logo design in under 10 minutes. If you want software that you can grow with, the web-based service Canva offers powerful tools for free and the reasonable subscription price will unlock more features to take your designs to the next level. Affinity Designer is worth a look for anyone who wants pro-level tools at a reasonable one-time price, and it offers a great vector/raster crossover space. Finally, Adobe Illustrator is always there for those who want the most serious tools for the job.  

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