Genshin Impact Guides

Genshin impact guides

Genshin impact is an expansive open world action RPG offering players a vast selection of activities. Explore a vast map, unlock fast travel points, venture through dungeons and fight bosses!

This game uses a gacha system where players use Primogems to enter a chance draw for characters and weapons that fall under either permanent standard banners or limited time banners.


The Traveler will serve as the protagonist for most cutscenes and quests within the game, acting as the primary protagonist throughout.

Genshin Impact‘s characters all possess unique roles and abilities that should be carefully considered when building your team. Selecting the right characters for you to use is key, since each has unique strengths and weaknesses that should be prioritized – an effective starting point is reading up on each character’s description to see which stats they should focus on, such as an HP character focusing on HP and Elemental Mastery or DPS characters trying to maximize damage through critical rate or damage output.

Each character also possesses their own constellations – special abilities that unlock Passive Talents and Elemental Burst attacks tailored specifically for them. Some constellations may become available through progress in the main story while others must be earned via Character Event Wish banner or by making wishes.


Genshin Impact offers an expansive variety of weapons that add something special to the table, from swords to bows and claymores. Each one brings something different to the battlefield and features different strengths and weaknesses against fantasy foes; additionally they each come equipped with secondary stats, levels and passive effects for added depth – these weapons can even be leveled up just like characters, though resources and materials must also be acquired from limited banners containing weapons not typically seen elsewhere in Genshin Impact! Players can obtain weapons via wish mechanics or limited banners featuring weapons not seen elsewhere – these weapons can only be acquired via limited banners featuring weapons not typically featured otherwise or limited banners featuring such characters who might otherwise not appear.

Players can earn wishes by opening chests, completing events and doing daily commissions; additionally they can earn Fates and Primogems by ascending characters or purchasing them in Paimon’s Bargains with Starglitter or Stardust; these resources can then be traded in for new characters and weapon types; some might suit your party more effectively than others! It is essential that every party chooses appropriate weapons.


Genshin Impact characters depend heavily on artifacts to augment their stats and offer set bonuses that can prove extremely helpful in battle. Artifacts give powerful boosts to individual character stats while offering valuable bonuses that make your journey through Genshin Impact easier and quicker!

Players traveling across Teyvat will encounter many artifacts on their journeys through opening chests, defeating enemies, completing Shrines of Depth or using Traveler’s Journals; many will often be three-star or four-star items.

Flowers, Feathers, Sands, Goblets and Circlets – five artifact sets available – each feature two-piece sets that offer special bonuses that can increase a range of stats. Furthermore, each artifact provides up to four substats that further boost its stat boost effects.

Genshin Impact players can get these items by spending Fates or Primogems in the gacha system. There is an ongoing standard banner using Acquaint Fate while there may also be one or two limited-time banners utilizing Intertwined Fate.


Genshin Impact‘s leveling system may seem complicated at first. Players have many ways of earning experience points (EXP), making it easy to lose track of time and end up with an under-leveled team of characters. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks players can employ in order to level up more quickly.

Experience in Genshin Impact is most effectively gained through Adventure and Expedition quests, which will net you EXP, Sigils Mora characters or even sometimes 4-Star weapons or characters as rewards.

Players can level up their characters by completing the main story and other events in the game. While this process can be slow, it’s essential that players recognize which characters deserve priority for leveling up – for instance Kokomi is an ideal character to level up because her healing scales with HP stat – making her particularly effective against some of the game’s toughest enemies and bosses. By reaching level 90 she’ll be able to heal more frequently while dealing more damage.