Impact Wrestling News – Impact Slammiversary XVI Review

Impact Wrestling News

Impact Wrestling News

IMPACT is one of the most enduring promotions in the world. The company has been around for over 20 years and is responsible for providing a platform for many of the biggest professional wrestlers in the world today.

They have also been a leader in helping independent wrestling performers break out and gain more exposure. Unlike WWE, who have a very tight grip on their talent, Impact has been able to reach out to other promotions and allow them to feature their athletes in their weekly shows.

The impact this has had is tremendous. It’s opening a whole new audience for these wrestlers and has changed the landscape of the industry.

Pentagon Jr has been a big highlight of the year for Impact, and he’s going to be taking on Kenny Omega in what should be a great match. It’s an exciting match that could steal the show from All In.

There is no doubt that Impact is making a difference and the brand is growing and developing at a rapid pace in 2018. That’s why I recommend watching their latest event, Slammiversary XVI.

Bound For Glory Presented by IMPACT is always an amazing night, and this edition was no exception. It was a fantastic night of matches that had everything from scores being settled to surprise finishes.

It was a lot of fun to watch and was very much like TNA in the early days. The opening video of Lashley tracking Drew down at a gym and getting into a brawl reminded me of the old school TNA style that I loved so much.