Squad Up, Drop In – Call of Duty

The three factions offer plenty associated with missions to tackle in DMZ, but those searching for more action are also free in order to do the following during any infiltration:


Just like within Battle Royale, DMZ contains quick-completion objectives that can be accepted in-match for Cash and other rewards. While these Contracts share the same icons as their Battle Royale counterparts, their objectives are different.

Here are some of the DMZ Contracts on offer (and the Tac Map icon with regard to each):

–                Secure Intel / Geiger Search (Magnifying Glass): Find intel on hard drives; then go to the nearest radio tower to upload its data. Alternatively, it may task you to collect Uranium rods found with a Geiger Counter.

–                Elimination (Crosshair): Assassinate an AI target guarded by multiple combatants, or at least confirm their death.

–                Hostage (Handcuffs): Rescue a hostage within a locked building; then carry them in order to the nearest helicopter exfil location.

–                Cargo Delivery or Shipment (Briefcase): Depending on the specific Contract, find a vehicle or boat with precious cargo for a drop-off at a marked location. Feel free to keep the vehicle after the drop-off!

–                Hunt (Skull): Search an enemy Operator team marked because high-value targets (HVTs), due to their activity within the DMZ match.

–                Destroy Supplies (Bomb): Locate and destroy two supply sites with planted bombs.

World Activities

Other icons on DMZ’s Tac Chart indicate additional side goals:

–                Safes: These contain tons of Cash yet take time to crack open. The drill you need to use to open a Safe attracts AI combatants and is loud enough to draw the attention of other Operators as well.

–                SAM Sites: These anti-air turrets can shoot down planes carrying precious cargo; activate them to potentially send a Supply Box containing valuable items crashing straight down.

–                UAV Towers: Find these types of around Al Mazrah to receive intel on AI combatant and Operator locations via the minimap.

–                Hidden Caches: Obviously not marked on the particular map, learn where these are likely to be found regarding consistent valuable item drops.

–                Strongholds: These types of also exist in Fight Royale; skip down in order to the Strongholds overview intended for more details.

Occasionally, parts of Al Mazrah may be under the effects of two conditions:

–                Sandstorms: As the desert city, these conditions can kick up in any period, reducing visibility and damaging Operators over time. If one hits, evacuate the area ASAP.

–                Radiation: Not much is known about its origins, but this deadly condition can poison Operators. Iodine Pills, a new Field Upgrade, can be found to counteract its results.

Fighting Other Operators and Assimilation

While DMZ focuses mainly upon eliminating AI combatants, you may also encounter some other Operators during your travels across Al Mazrah.

You are free to engage or avoid these additional squads since you see fit. In squad-based DMZ matches (such as Trios at launch), there is also the option to assimilate with various other squads instead of fighting them. Though you might become initially reticent to partner with rival Operators, through Proximity Chat and the calm head, you can try to foster a temporary alliance. You might be glad you did, as this is incredibly useful:

First, if all Operators are trying to complete the same faction mission, they may want to party up plus tackle it together. On the other hand, if one group will be newer in order to DMZ and can convince a more experienced celebration to help them out, that could help them survive in a match longer. Or, in situations where 2 squads are in a heated battle, they can ultimately decide to save their ammo, absorb, and revive each other before soldiering on.

Also, after assimilating, Operators cannot pull the General Shepherd and cut loose ends — friendly fire is usually disabled on temporary squadmates.


The particular Backpack: Looting and Storage

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